Glacier Data Submission


  • Continue to update the following timing file:
  • measurement_dates.pdf - timing for measurements of Mass Balance Summary, Snow and Ice Mass Changes, Stake Heights and Snow Depths,and Snow Densities

Field Data Ops: Anna Bergstrom

Submitting Data

First, read the MCM File Format Protocols document for general guidelines on how to correctly format data for submission

In order to ensure the database operates correctly, certain constraints are put on the values that can be entered into tables:

  1. Glacier Stake Locations - In order for a record to be inserted into the database, the value in the GLSTKID column in the data must exactly match a GLSTKID value in the Glacier Stake Location table. If a new stake is added, it must first be entered in the table with all the associated information. (Download the GLSTKLOC table now)

The design of the database tables is fairly consistent. All tables contain the following columns. It is very important that the columns be filled in exactly as speficied - the database is case sensitive.

  • DATASET_CODE – this is the same as the Oracle table name, it is the unique identifier for that table
  • STAKE - the stake ID number
  • DATE_TIME (or START_DATE and END_DATE) - the date/time should be in the format ‘MM/DD/YYYY’ for date only, or ‘MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI’ for date and time.
  • FILE_NAME – the name of the file you’re submitting. This column is useful to locate the original file.

Glacier data files are all submitted separately - one .csv file for each measurement at each glacier. All data must be submitted in the same format as the database - You may view any of the files ready for download to see the exact comma delimited format and headers.