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LOCATION_NAMELocation NameNominalName of lake where measurement was made
LatitudePhysical quantitySample Latitude
LongitudePhysical quantitySample Longitude
Date_timeDate/timeDate sample was collected
Depth (m)Physical quantityAverage sediment depth in centimeters below the lake floo
I(umol/kg)Physical quantityTotal dissolved iodine in micromoles per kilogram
129I/I(E-15)Physical quantityMolar ratio of I-129 to total iodine (10^-15)
+/-129I/I(E-15)Physical quantity1-sigma error in molar ratios of I-129/I-127 (10^-15)
129I(at/uL)Physical quantityConcentration of I-129 in atoms per microliter
+/-129I(at/uL)Physical quantity1-sigma error for I-129 concentration