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LAKELakeNominalName of lake where measurement was made
DATE_TIMEDateDate/timeDate on which measurement was made
REFERENCE BENCHMARKReference BenchmarkNominalThis is the old benchmark used for lake leveling that the new measurements are corrected to
SURVEYING BENCHMARKSurvey BenchmarkNominalThis is the benchmark the optical survey was actually performed on. The lake level below this datum is recorded with level and stadia rod
LAKE LEVEL(masl)Lake Level (masl)Physical quantityLake level below datum is expressed as meters above sea level (masl) in terms of the reference benchmark.
COMMENTSCommentsNominalusually lists the surveyors. All measurements are made to true water level in drilled holes or in a connected moat. Some are shot to the surface of the moat ice and if so, that is noted here (rare)