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Depth (m)
Li (mg/L)
Na (mg/L)
K (mg/L)
Mg (mg/L)
Ca (mg/L)
F (mg/L)
Cl (mg/L)
Br (mg/L)
SO4 (mg/L)
Si (mg/L)
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LOCATION NAMELocation NameNominalName of lake where measurement was made
DATE_TIMEDate/timeDate/timeDate sample was collected
Depth (m)Physical quantityDistance below the piezometric water level from which sample was drawn
Li (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
Li COMMENTSLi commentsNominalComments
Na (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
Na COMMENTSNa commentsNominalComments on the Sodium concentration measurement
K (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
K COMMENTSK commentsNominalComments on the potassium concentration measurement
Mg (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
Mg COMMENTSMg commentsNominalComments on the Magnessium concentration measurement
Ca (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
Ca COMMENTSCa commentsNominalComments on the Calcium concentration measurements
F (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
F COMMENTSF commentsNominalComments on the concentration of Iron measurement
Cl (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
Cl COMMENTSCl commentsNominalComments on the Chlorine concentration measurements
Br (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
Br COMMENTSBr commentsNominalComments on the concentration of Bromide measurement
SO4 (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
SO4 COMMENTSSO4 commentsNominalComments
Si (mg/L)Physical quantitymass concentrations
Si COMMENTSSi commentsNominalComments
DEPTH MASLPhysical quantityDepth referred to the Sea level. Distance below Mean Average Sea water level reference from which sample was drawn