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DATE_TIMEDate/timeDate/time of sample (New Zealand DST, +13 UTC)
AVG_ICET50CMPhysical quantityIce temperature average at 50 cm depth
STD_ICET50CMPhysical quantityIce temperature standard deviation of distribution at 50 cm depth
N_ICET50CMPhysical quantityNumber of Ice temperature values at 50 cm depth used for the computations
AVG_ICET1MPhysical quantityAverage for the Ice temperature at 1 meter depth
STD_ICET1MPhysical quantitystandard deviation of distribution of the Ice temperature at 1 meter depth
N_ICET1MNumber of ObservationsPhysical quantityNumber of observations for the daily stats.
AVG_ICET20CMPhysical quantityIce temperature average at 20cm
AVG_NEWICET_25CMPhysical quantityIce temperature average at 25cm
STD_NEWICET_25CMPhysical quantityStandard deviation of the Ice temperature distribution at 25 cm depth
AVG_NEWICET_50CMPhysical quantityIce temperature average at 50cm
AVG_NEWICET_75CMPhysical quantityAverage of the Ice temperature at 75cm
AVG_NEWICET_100CMPhysical quantityAvergae of the Ice temperature at 100cm