Monthly Averages (Level 2)

Monthly measurement summaries from Lake Bonney Meteorological Station (BOYM) in Taylor Valley, Antarctica from 1993 to present


As part of the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long Term Ecological Research program, meteorological data are collected from various locations throughout the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica. This package contains monthly measurement summaries derived from 15-minute data generated by the Lake Bonney Meteorological Station (BOYM), located in Taylor Valley. BOYM was established in 1993, during the 93/94 field season.

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 The Lake Bonney meteorology station was initially built on the lake's ice cover in November, 1993. Shortly thereafter the station was listed to the point where it was decided to move it to shore. Some attempt was
made to right the station during this period. The move of the station was done using the ATV with the station still running. The move began at 14:50 and ended at 15:06 on December 17, 1993. Data collected after 15:06 was done so with the station in it's final position. The clock synchronized with John Priscu's logger measuring light on Nov 26 in afternoon. The station was set up to sample sensors every 30 seconds and send summary statistics (for example, averages and maximums) to solid-state storage modules every:

  10 minutes from November 24, 1993 to January 12, 1994,
  three hours from January 12, 1994 to November 12, 1994,
  20 minutes from November 12, 1994 to November 22, 1995
  15 minutes thereafter.
This has resulted in approximately 28 values being recorded for final storage in every output interval.
Sampling and Averaging Intervals

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Seasonal Task Summary

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Meteorological data is collected year-round at each of the stations in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica. After retrieving this data (usually every January), the parameters that are recorded are processed from level 0 (raw) to level 1 (processed, provided on the web). The raw data file descriptions and task lists summarize what was done to get from level 0 to level 1 for all station found at the following address: Meteorological task lists


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