Bi-monthly surface PAR maps for Taylor Valley


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Surface PAR estimates for Taylor Valley and major lakes for cloudless conditions, generated with the Area T-sPAR model. Each map covers a 14 day interval with the exception of the summer solstice map, which includes 15 days. Surface distribution is given as the total daily average over the specified time interval. Valley wide and lake detail maps are rendered using two different scales: seasonal and interval. The seasonal scale applies a single scale to all maps, spanning the austral summer from late Aug to mid Apr, visualizing the progression of surface PAR over the course of the season. The interval scale limits max / min surface PAR to values observed within the time frame, visualizing in greater detail the spatial distribution of surface PAR.

The TV_T_sPAR geodatabase includes feature classes necessary to us the T_sPAR toolbox, which includes 3 models: Basin Limits, Point T-sPAR and Area T-sPAR. The Basin Limits model establishes Taylor Valley basin limits using a hydrologic flow direction model to improve computation speeds. The Point T-sPAR model provides custom estimates for user specified dates and coordinates within the Taylor Valley basin. Users can also input a cloud cover correction factor determined using the “R” Cloud Cover script found here. The Area T-sPAR model creates custom maps that estimate surface PAR for the entire Taylor Valley basin and lakes Bonney, Hoare and Fryxell. The model requires user specified dates and an input table with cloud cover correction values by met station determined suing the “R” Cloud Cover script found here.

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TBDT-sPAR user manual


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